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Aperture Card Scanners

Turn Aperture Cards Into Easily Accessed Digital Images

Turn Aperture Cards IntoEasily Accessed Digital Images

C400 Advanced Aperture Card Scanner

  • Double the card hopper capacity of the previous model (150 cards to 300 cards) for increased efficiency and automation
  • Enhanced camera and light source for excellent image quality and clarity
  • Updated internal design for improved serviceability, resulting in quick and infrequent maintenance
  • Affordable
  • High-quality images at full resolution
  • Hollerith (punch) data is automatically read and used to select drawing sizes and file names, if required
  • On-demand and batch scanning modes included as standard feature
  • Virtual rescan automatically reprocesses the scanned image with alternative imaging parameters, eliminating the need for rescans
  • Capable of scanning any ISO aperture card with no extras or modifications to purchase In-software

UScan+ HD Advanced

    • 新!20 MP high resolution USB3 image sensor
    • 新!40% faster batch scanning capabilities
    • View, scan, save and share images from microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, film negatives and more
    • 年代can, print or save in color, grayscale or bitonal capture
    • Up to 2400 dpi resolution
    • Customizable quick-start menu
    • USB 3.0 connectivity
    • ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Compatible
    • Flexible output options: file save; network; USB; print; email; cloud; Dropbox; Google Drive
    • Two built-in USB ports
    • 年代tandard features:touchscreen compatibility; manual and motorized roll film pods*; smart edit; annotation; timed auto-capture for film and fiche; Rapidscan batch scanning; opaque microcard template
    • 年代canner options:3M adapter; vendor interface kit (pay-per-use); OCR searchable text capabilities; foot pedal; low-level platen handle; manual roll film winding handle; microfilm spool adapter; monitor stand; cleaning kit